£125k boost for energy demand management ideas

A project aimed at innovative solutions for electricity demand management in the country has boosted the prize for its competition. Dynamic Demand Challenge – run by Nesta, Imperial College London and the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) – was initially offering £50,000 for entrepreneurs who can offer the best technology that demonstrates a shift in demand […]

£1m programme for efficient energy system

Four projects worth more than £1 million have been launched to develop a system that enables efficient use of energy whilst meeting consumers’ needs. The cash from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which is a public-private partnership between global industries and the UK Government, will be used for what it calls a “smart energy system”, […]

Customers trial price alerts for cheap wind energy

A thousand homeowners in London are taking part in a trial where they get alerts about day-ahead electricity prices. The aim of the trial is to find out if households are prepared to do their washing, baking and other electricity-intensive tasks when green electricity is plentiful and cheap – for example when the wind is […]

Shale gas could increase global resources by 50%

Shale gas could increase global gas resources by around 50%. That’s according to a new report funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), which looked at the current availability of unconventional gas resources at a regional and global level. Researchers claim that although the US has seen an increase in the production of shale […]

Smart networks could save consumers £16bn

Smart networks could save consumers billions, claims the Energy Network Association. The trade group responsible for the wires and pipes in the UK’s transmission and distribution network said that smarter networks would be good for customers. Smart networks will become essential to cope with the varying types of energy coming online in Britain such as […]

Energy committee set for shale gas probe

The government’s Energy and Climate Change Committee will hold the first session of its Shale Gas inquiry tomorrow at the Palace of Westminster. The committee will target four key questions: What are the implications of large discoveries of shale gas around the world for UK energy and climate change policy, including investment in renewables? What […]

Sainsbury’s unveils sustainability blueprint

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has unveiled a five-year pact with Imperial College London’s Faculty of Engineering and Grantham Institute for Climate Change to reduce its carbon footprint. Plans are underway for how Sainsbury’s stores might provide heat and recycled water to customers’ homes. Other initiatives includeSmart Grid technology, which will help reduce Sainsbury’s energy demand, with […]