Algeria wants to double its gas output

Algeria is reportedly planning to double its production of gas within a decade. The country produces 1.2 million barrels per day now. Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi told a state radio station last week a new bidding round for oil and gas licences will open in the “coming weeks”, reported Reuters. He said the OPEC nation […]

Algerian crisis could cost Italy €1bn for energy

Italy could face an additional cost of nearly €1 billion (£839m) per year for energy due to interruption of Algerian gas supplies. According to energy consultancy firm Althesys, the Algerian crisis disrupted supply of energy into Italy, which could result to increased costs of around €989 million (£830.7m) a year, although it didn’t mention for […]

BP holds minute’s silence for Algeria attack victims

BP staff are holding a minute’s silence today in memory of the people who were killed in the In Amenas hostage crisis. A week since the firm’s co-owned gas field was attacked by a group of more than 30 terrorists linked with al-Qaeda, the British oil firm said the silence was “a mark of respect […]

What next after Algeria hostage crisis?

ELN’s Vicky Ellis asks energy specialist Professor George Trumbull of Dartmouth College in the US, what the hostage crisis at the In Amenas gas plant could mean for the wider industry.

Cameron condemns “savage” Algeria gas field attack

The Prime Minister strongly condemned the group responsible for the hostage crisis at British firm BP’s gas field in Algeria this morning. On Wednesday in the early hours the In Amenas gas field jointly owned by BP, Norwegian firm Statoil and Algeria’s Sonatrach was raided by a band of terrorists, which is still holding a […]

Editorial – People are the real price of energy…

Today we will probably face some harsh realities. The situation in Algeria is looking tragic in the extreme and I expect by the end of the day there will be several dozens of fatalities after the kidnap of gas workers at the In Amenas plant by islamic militants. The loss of life whatever figure it […]