Government boosts Blyth gigafactory with £100m

The gigaplant is forecast to produce batteries for around 300,000 EVs a year

Government urged to protect communities from ‘dangerous’ coal tips

An MP said the green transition must be different from Thatcher’s scorched earth policy

Government pours £220m into decarbonisation of major emitting industries

The scheme will fund innovative green projects that will help businesses cut carbon and energy costs

Green industrial revolution begins in Australia with AUD$750m package

Green hydrogen is among the low carbon industries that will be supported

Coal plummets to record low level as renewable energy grows

Coal accounted for only 0.6% of electricity production during the second quarter of 2019

UK to see first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution

The UK is set to run a full day without coal since the start of the Industrial Revolution. According to National Grid, today is likely to be the first ever working day in Britain without coal. There have been periods with zero coal before but never for a full 24 hours. Yesterday, the UK went […]

Cameron: ‘We can’t afford to go without fracking’

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken out firmly in favour of fracking for shale gas in Britain by warning that without it, the UK could “lose ground” in the “tough” global race for economic success. The declaration comes against a backdrop of huge local resistance to fracking or hydraulic fracturing for shale oil and gas […]