Climate change
UK Government should be put on ‘war footing’ against climate change

The Institute for Public Policy Research has launched the Environmental Justice Commission to tackle global warming

Dried river basin
The collapse of civilisation could be just around the corner…

A new report suggests the effects of global warming could lead to migration, conflict, famine and societal breakdown

Think tank calls for competition to break Big Six rip-off

Five million people in the UK could be paying more than they should for their energy. Of those, some may be paying £330 more than their neighbours who use the same amount of electricity and gas. This is according to a new report from think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) which is […]

Scrap the ‘ineffective’ carbon price floor demands Which?

Consumer champions Which? have called on Government to scrap the carbon price floor because it will increase costs unfairly on consumers. The consumer group has demanded the policy be scrapped from the 2012 budget because it is “ineffective” and will not guarantee investment in low carbon generation. The government’s figures estimate the floor price will […]

Five million overcharged for energy, claims thinktank

Five million people are being overcharged for their energy, claims a leading thinktank in a report released over the weekend. The Institute for Public Policy Research claims some families are paying as much as £330 more than their neighbours for the same amount of electricity or gas. The analysis showed people on a ‘standard credit […]