Shale gas exploitation could ‘rebalance UK economy’

The exploitation of shale gas resources in the UK could help boost the nation’s economy. That’s according to UK engineers who claims around 4,200 jobs could be created every year over a ten-year drill programme. Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said: “Shale gas has the potential […]

Are you an inspiring green innovator?

Are you an innovator ready to showcase your green technology to the nation? If so, a new programme is calling you to do just that. Launched by ecoConnect, a green industry business network, in partnership with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the ‘CleanTech Innovate’ event aims to present 40 of Britain’s “hottest technologies” which […]

Experts back new shale measures

Experts in the energy sector have welcomed a report published today which has given the UK shale industry scope for the future. The report admitted fracking may produce minor tremors, but that as long as certain risk-mitigating measures were adhered to, there was the possibility of a safe future for shale on UK shores. The […]

Nuclear decision leaves UK ‘hostage’ to gas prices

Members of the energy industry have expressed concern over today’s news that the Horizon project for new nuclear has been binned. The UK is set to lose 12GW of its installed coal generating capacity in 2015 and a further 7GW of nuclear capacity by 2020 due to planned decommissioning. As a result, the Government is […]

Giant fly-swats combat climate change

Futuristic devices that look like giant fly swats could be key to cutting climate change. They are just one of the “ingenious ways of preventing climate change” that the London-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Imeche) is championing ahead of its Air Capture Week in October. ‘Air capture’ technology sucks greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) […]

Carbon price floor must not force business out of UK

The carbon floor price could put even more pressure on businesses already struggling and even give them doubts about staying in the UK, it has been suggested.The floor price, a leg of the Government’s Electricity Market Reform announced yesterday, sets a bottom price of around £16 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted by large businesses. […]

Fukushima fallout will hit LNG and coal

The Japanese earthquake could have heavy aftershocks in the energy markets. As the Japanese government today said that radiation levels from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have reached harmful levels, analysts in the UK are warning of the fallout on the UK energy sector. And the effects will hit more than just the UK’s plans […]

Fukushima must not derail UK nuclear plans, say engineers

“Kneejerk” anti-nuclear reactions to the explosions at Japan’s Fukushima power plants are putting global long-term energy security at risk. That’s the claim of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which today called for calm and urged the UK to stand firm in its plans for a new breed of nuclear power. As Germany and Switzerland yesterday […]