Fuel cell maker to float on stock market?

A British company which makes fuel cells for electric cars is rumoured to be preparing to float on the stock market. Intelligent Energy which was founded by four academics from Loughborough University has asked a bank and investment firm to oversee its initial public offering (IPO), reported Sky News. The IPO could take place in […]

UK fuel cells to power Indian mobile phone masts

The UK firm Intelligent Energy will provide fuel cells – originally designed for green cars – to an Indian telecoms company to power mobile phone masts in a multi-million pound deal. The agreement with Ascend Telecoms, which serves all licensed mobile network operators in India, will see the firm develop its zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell […]

Charge Upp your phone with portable fuel cell

It’s the maddening drawback for a smartphone user – running out of battery. A new device to power electronic kit such as phones, tablets and games consoles could change all that – and it’s a miniature fuel cell. Called the Upp fuel cell, it delivers at least one week of charge. It works by taking […]

Olympic VIPs to use hydrogen fuel cell taxis

Olympic VIPs won’t just be able to use the exclusive traffic lanes to get to venues such as the Olympic Park and Anish Kapoor’s Orbit sculpture (pictured) this summer – they could also get a ride in a hydrogen fuel cell taxi. Five such taxis are joining the capital’s fleet of black cabs to ferry […]

UK sends first green trade delegation to US

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker will today lead the UK’s first green trade mission to the US. Wind turbine installers, a brewery and an insurance company will be among six companies joining Mr Barker on the five day trip, which will visit Washington, Philadelphia, Charlotte in North Carolina and Columbia in South Carolina. Mr Barker […]

Will zero-emissions black cab be a fare deal?

The prototype taxi runs on a simple, multi-functional fuel-cell hybrid engine, meaning it can run for a standard day’s travel of 250 miles with just a five minute refuel. It has had a positive response from taxi drivers and will aim to be priced competitively to standard combustion engine cabs. The taxi was designed by […]