Cable manufacturing factory secures £9m

With plans to become the UK’s first HVDC factory, XLCC aims to meet the rising global demand for subsea cables

UK-German energy link on course

NeuConnect aims to become one of the world’s largest interconnectors, facilitating the flow of up to 1.4GW of electricity in either direction

Egypt-Greece interconnector proposed to join EU priority projects

The “GREGY” electrical interconnection, linking Egypt and Greece, is proposed to be added to the European Union’s list of Projects of Mutual Interest

Egyptian solar and wind to boost Britain’s energy supply

Britain plans to import electricity generated by solar and wind farms in Egypt through subsea cables connecting the country with Europe

UK-Germany energy link on track as construction advances

Construction on the UK-Germany interconnector is progressing as planned, with works underway in both countries and the project expected to be operational by 2028

Scotland-England subsea ‘power superhighway’ gets green light

The Eastern Green Link 2 is a 2GW high voltage direct current subsea transmission cable connecting Scotland’s Peterhead to England’s Drax Power Station

UK-Netherlands gas link faces inspection

The Balgzand-Bacton Pipeline, connecting the UK and the Netherlands for gas supply, is undergoing an essential inspection following maintenance

Ireland’s big ambition: More power links with the UK

By 2030, further connections to Britain will be supported beyond the Greenlink Interconnector’s completion next year

World record power cable connects UK and Denmark

The Viking Link interconnector has laid the final length, establishing a continuous 475-mile link between the UK and Denmark

GB energy market achieves record low system price

The UK has achieved historic low system price of -£185.33/MWh in the GB ID Imbalance market, according to a report