‘Phasing out petrol cars is the wrong way to go’

Internal combustion engines can be used to help decarbonise transport and industry, the VDMA claims

More than half of new UK cars to be electric by 2028

The government has increased the number of electric sales that carmakers will need to demonstrate

Government to consult on recycling EV batteries

The initiative aims to set the supporting framework for the development of recycling facilities for lithium-ion batteries across the UK

‘Nearly 84m EVs will be on Europe’s streets by 2030’

New research suggests that this figure will still make up less than half of all the vehicles on the road

Volvo goes all-electric by 2030

The automotive manufacturer has pledged to phase out the production of all models with internal combustion engines

Internal combustion engine
Could microwaves cut engine emissions?

Micro Wave Ignition suggests replacing spark plugs with its innovative new ignition system could reduce fuel consumption