Does Tajikistan hold the answers to Central Asia’s net zero transition?

The IEA has helped produce a roadmap for the nation to take advantage of its hydropower capabilities and believes it could be a provider for the rest of Central Asia if it can do so

Don’t ignore the impact of methane on climate change, says IEA

Its new report is calling for an industry and government-wide clamp down on methane emissions, which are responsible for 30% of global rises in temperature to date

Greens criticise IEA gas report

An International Energy Association (IEA) report depicting the imminent ‘golden age of gas’ has been met with a mixed reception from green groups. Speaking at its launch in London earlier, IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven said: “The technology and the know-how already exist for unconventional gas to be produced in an environmentally acceptable […]

Global energy policy- "The time to act is now" says IEA

The international community needs to enact a “bold change of policy direction” to avoid an environmentally-damaging and insecure energy future, the International Energy Association warned today. Speaking at the launch of their flagship analysis ‘World Energy Outlook’, IEA members predicted a grim future through current policies remaining in place, but insisted it was not too […]

Scientists slam EU on questionable biofuel policy

A group of scientists have criticised European policy over integrating biofuels, over questions surrounding how clean they really are. More than one hundred scientists and economists are worried the EU has labelled biofuels as ‘Zero Carbon’ and overlooked the effect on land use change. The letter to the European Commission opens: “We are writing to […]