ITM Power launches new division to manage energy storage and hydrogen refuelling assets

Called ITM Motive, it will be established as a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary

ITM Power and Iwatani collaborate on hydrogen energy systems

They have signed an agreement for the deployment of multi MW electrolyser-based hydrogen energy systems in North America

Chemicals giant Linde buys 20% stake in UK hydrogen firm ITM Power

The two companies are also forming a new 50:50 joint venture to develop hydrogen power for major industrial projects

Gateshead site recommended for location of new hydrogen-storage facility

A Gateshead site has been recommended for the location of a new hydrogen-storage facility in the UK. Clean energy and fuel company ITM Power and distributor Northern Gas Networks have concluded their Large-Scale Power-to-Gas Energy Storage Deployment Study and found four locations suitable for a demonstration facility for the technology. Of the four locations, Low […]

Shell opens new UK hydrogen refuelling station

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can travel up to 700 kilometres on a single tank and can be refuelled within a few minutes

Shell opens its first UK hydrogen refuelling station

Shell has announced the launch of its first hydrogen refuelling station in the UK. It is located at its Cobham service station on the M25 and has been supplied by ITM Power. It is one of three hydrogen stations Shell plans on opening in the UK this year and a network of 400 sites in […]

Will hydrogen fuel a driving revolution?

  ELN reporter Jonny Bairstow takes a trip around the M25 to see how new infrastructure can help boost the number of hydrogen fuel cell cars on our roads. Would you buy a car powered by a highly explosive gas? How safe are they and what makes them so green?

Good Energy signs deal to power hydrogen stations

Renewable power company Good Energy has signed an agreement to explore the potential of supplying clean power for hydrogen production. It will work with hydrogen specialist ITM Power and look at directly coupling renewable power generation in their portfolio with hydrogen fuel production sites to deliver zero carbon hydrogen. ITM Power said it has a […]

Big ‘FAT’ expansion for power to gas testing

Losing weight is often a new year’s resolution but in Yorkshire they are about to get fat when it comes to energy. The FAT in this case stands for “factory acceptance testing” of two new power to gas fuel units. The testing is part of a plan to bring the unit in Sheffield up to […]

Fuel cell car cruises to Europe ‘next summer’

A four-seater car driven by fuel cells is launching in Europe next year. Japanese carmaker Toyota confirmed plans to release its hydrogen-powered sedan at the 2014 Paris Motor Show this week. Due to go on sale in Japan before April 2015, with a price tag of seven million yen (about £43,450), the models should hit Europe […]