Energy efficiency is key even for the developing world

Despite a need for cheap and affordable energy for developing countries such as India and China, ELN investigates how energy efficiency has a key part to play for these growing economies.

Shops waste most energy when closed

Shops are wasting the most energy before customers have even entered the premises. That’s according to a study which found retailers waste 40% of their total energy use by leaving on lights and unnecessary air-conditioning and heating… at 8am. WEMSinternational, which conducted the research, said this means a typical retailer’s bill could spending around £4 […]

The smart way to manage energy

Ivan McKeever of WEMS International explains that smart metering is essential to smart energy management.

BT awards £6.2m to energy-saving firm

Telecoms giant BT has awarded a major new contract to a company that saved them £6.2m last year through energy efficiency. WEMSInternational system manages the energy usage of a building’s operations including lighting, air conditioning and heating. The web-enabled system, which can be accessed via smartphone, delivers energy savings of 15-30%. The company will install […]

Energy management tool can cut a quarter off bills

Cheshire-based WEMSinternational has announced the thousandth installation of their groundbreaking wireless energy management system. The system is designed to effectively manage energy use across property estates including lighting, air conditioning and heating and can deliver savings of up to 30% off energy bills. In a year of major growth the company has picked up some […]