Waste criminal ordered to pay £2.1m for illegal site

John Bruce, aged 48 from Pershore, has been given three months to pay the fine or face seven years in jail

Leeds waste fraudster’s jail term extended by nine years

Terry Soloman Dugbo is currently serving a record seven years and six months in jail after defrauding the electrical waste recycling industry of £2.2m in 2016

Should MPs face jail for failing to enforce environmental rules?

Environmental Action Germany (DUH) brought forward legal action after Bavaria failed to implement clean air rulings to reduce pollution levels

UK condemns shipments of illegal plastic waste to Malaysia

Individuals found to be exporting incorrectly described waste could face two years in jail or an unlimited fine in the UK

Six men jailed over £17m solar panels scam

They targeted 1,500 elderly, retired and vulnerable people over more than two years

Three anti-fracking protesters in Lancashire jailed

They are believed to be the first environmental campaigners to be jailed since 1932

Florida jail puts energy inefficiency behind bars

A Florida jail has improved its energy efficiency credentials by installing tankless water heaters. Indian River County Jail in Vero Beach replaced its malfunctioning boiler and 300-gallon storage tank with eight of the devices, which use a powerful burner to quickly heat incoming water to the set temperature. They activate only when a fixture is […]

Energy market abuse penalties could start in April

New penalties including prison time for rigging wholesale gas and electricity prices could come into force in April, DECC announced yesterday. Last year the Government proposed sanctions to protect consumers from unfair practices and give regulators new powers, including sending people to jail for up to two years. Under the proposals, it would also be […]

DECC threatens jail for rigging energy market

Anyone found guilty of rigging wholesale gas and electricity prices could face up to two years in jail under new proposals unveiled today. The Government wants to introduce new sanctions to protect consumers from any unfair practices and give regulators new powers to prosecute people suspected of abusing the energy market. Under the proposals, it […]

Russia charges Greenpeace activists with piracy

A British freelance video journalist, a Russian photojournalist and 28 Greenpeace International activists, including five Britons, who were seized while protesting against Arctic oil drilling have formally been charged with piracy. The activists scaled Gazprom’s oil rig last month in protest against Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom’s plans to drill in the Arctic, which led […]