Jeremy Corbyn vows to create 400,000 green jobs

The Labour Party has said it will plough investment into building new renewable infrastructure

Jeremy Corbyn vows energy co-operation post-Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed the Labour Party would make sure the UK remains part of the EU’s internal energy market (IEM) and the Euratom nuclear co-operation treaty after Brexit. In a speech focussed on the country’s future trading relations, the Leader of the Opposition said continued membership of the IEM is essential to the development […]

Corbyn: Public ownership of energy system will tackle ‘climate catastrophe’

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn believes returning Britain’s energy system to public ownership is the best way of going green and averting the “climate catastrophe”. He made the statement during a speech on Saturday at the Labour Party’s one day conference on alternative models of ownership in London. Mr Corbyn said: “The challenge of climate change […]

General election ‘has increased energy investment risks’

  The main problem caused by the general election is that is has created more risk at a time when large energy investments are urgently required. That’s according to Jeremy Nicholson, Director of the Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG), who spoke to ELN outside Westminster Palace last Friday following the results of the national vote. He said: “Of […]

Industry reacts to Labour’s plans

The official release of the Labour Party’s election manifesto  has already gathered mixed reactions from the UK’s energy industry. It outlines a series of proposed change-ups for the sector, including scrapping the National Grid in favour of decentralised energy systems, banning fracking, introducing price caps and pushing for increased renewable generation. Fracking ban UKOOG, the […]

Jeremy Corbyn pledges energy policy ‘for the 60m, not the Big Six’

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to create an energy policy “for the 60 million, not the Big Six” if he becomes Prime Minister. In his ‘Environmental Manifesto’, the Labour leader says he aims to deliver clean and affordable electricity and heating by promoting the growth and creation of local companies. Mr Corbyn, who is battling Owen Smith for […]

Jeremy Corbyn pledges £300m for energy and climate research

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pledged to establish a £300 million hi-tech research agency to help tackle energy security and climate change. He said the proposed US-style Advanced Research Agency would carry out “cutting edge” research and take advantage of the market for renewable energy. Mr Corbyn, who is battling Owen Smith for the Labour leadership, […]

Alan Whitehead resigns as Shadow Energy Minister

Alan Whitehead has said he is stepping down from his role as Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister. His announcement comes less than 24 hours after Barry Gardiner was promoted to replace Lisa Nandy as Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary who stepped down yesterday. Mr Whitehead is one of many Labour MPs to quit […]

Shadow Energy Secretary Lisa Nandy resigns

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Lisa Nandy has resigned from her post. The news comes as Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a vote of no confidence from his party MPs. Many have been critical of his leadership since his election in September. Ms Nandy, along with a few other Labour MPs, met with […]

Corbyn critisises Tory’s record on renewables

The gap between Britain’s current share of renewables and its 2020 target is the biggest in the European Union. That’s according to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who challenged the Prime Minister on the government’s renewable energy record. Mr Cameron said: “We spent record sums helping developing countries to go green and in the next five years we are […]