Liquid hydrogen powers electric aircraft

A German aerospace developer has completed the world’s first piloted flight of an electric aircraft fueled by liquid hydrogen

UK Ecotricity boss unveils ‘UK’s first’ electric airline

In early 2024, Ecojet, will begin operating flights to and from Edinburgh using a fleet of conventional planes that have been retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains

UK’s new green aviation company takes off towards zero-emissions future

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Britten-Norman are merging to create the ‘world’s first’ fully integrated, zero-emissions sub-regional aircraft, with up to £10 million investment

Sustain-air-ble: RAF Voyager refuels mid-air using SAF

The Royal Air Force has completed an air-to-air refuelling flight using 43% sustainable aviation fuel

Private jet flights from UK increased by 75% in 2022

Investigation shows that these flights emitted half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide

‘Half of the UK’s farmland would be needed for Jet Zero’

Or the country would need double its renewable electricity capacity, a report claims

Bill Gates responds to claims he’s “climate hypocrite”

The Microsoft Co-Founder has defended his private jet travel patterns, saying he is not “part of the problem”

UK’s jet zero flies higher with £113m

A hydrogen-powered aircraft developed by Rolls-Royce will be backed among other projects

UK startup flies ‘world’s largest’ hydrogen-electric plane

A 19-seater plane powered by a hydrogen-electric engine took to the skies above Gloucestershire

RAF wings on cleaner skies

A RAF Voyager took to the skies powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel