Business energy "missing jigsaw” piece of Chancellor's plans

Business energy users are likely to be feeling hard done by as their predicament was “one big piece of the jigsaw” missing from the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. That’s according to the CBI Director General John Cridland (pictured) who has told ELN: “He didn’t do anything about energy costs on business.” While the recent debate over […]

Chancellor ‘should focus on prices’ to keep Britain competitive

The Chancellor should focus on the cost of energy in his Autumn statement to safeguard the competitiveness of British businesses, according to CBI Director-General, John Cridland. In an open letter to George Osborne published today he said rising prices risked putting the UK at a disadvantage, particularly “following the implementation this year of the Carbon […]

Government’s Energy Bill a ‘missed opportunity’

The UK Government’s long awaited legislation is a “missed opportunity” and does not put the country towards a sustainable future. That’s according to the chief of The Climate Group, responding to the details of the Energy Bill announced by DECC earlier today. The Government revealed there would be a delay in setting a decarbonisation target […]

Going green “isn’t a risky gamble”, says CBI chief

The Government needs to let consumers and businesses know that going green “isn’t a risky gamble”, according to the CBI. John Cridland, Director-General of the organisation said consumers need to be given the confidence if they are to invest in green schemes. His comments were made following the country’s aims to tackle energy and climate […]

Choosing between going green or growth is a “false choice”

The Government is making a “false choice” trying to choose between going green or going for growth, the head of Britain’s business trade body said today. The Director-General of the CBI, which represents thousands of firms in the UK, called on politicians to adopt a smarter and more consistent approach for policy on energy and […]

Business calls on Government to make “smarter use” of finance

The voice of UK business has called on the Government to make investment in UK infrastructure much more attractive. The CBI says it is frustrated with the Treasury following its promise of support to industry back in November.They say funding has been thin on the ground. To secure £250 billion of investment to improve the […]

Business clamours for detail on EMR after Queen’s Speech

Businesses are clamouring for more detail on the Electricity Market Reform after it was confirmed in the Queen’s Speech today. Referring to the Energy Bill in her speech this morning, the UK’s head of state said the Government “will propose reform of the electricity market to deliver secure, clean and affordable electricity and ensure prices […]

Government ‘holds its nerve’ on sustainable planning reforms

Builders and big business are praising the Government for “holding its nerve” on new reforms of the planning system. Yesterday the Department for Communities and Local Government brought out its new policy framework, which changes the way developers get permission for building projects. “Development that is sustainable should go ahead, without delay – a presumption […]

Is the Budget good for energy business?

The Chancellor’s opening gambit got straight to the point yesterday, saying his Budget “unashamedly backs business.” The CBI, a business organisation which represents some 240,000 businesses, welcomed the news. John Cridland, CBI Director-General said: “The Chancellor has painted a clearer vision of how the UK will earn its living in the future and, by seizing […]

Solar cuts are Government’s "own goal"- CBI

The Director-General of Britain’s business body has labelled the recent cut to solar subsidies as “the latest in a string of Government own goals”. John Cridland also said the low carbon sector risks being derailed in the UK. Mr Cridland told an audience at the CBI East Midlands Annual Dinner last night: “A reduction was […]