Ofwat sets out water reforms proposals to rebuild public trust

Environment Secretary Michael Gove welcomed the proposals and agreed stepping up demands from water companies on transparency around dividends and profits

Gove raises concerns over water firms’ ‘tax havens and excessive profits’

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has hit out at water companies over their use of “tax havens and excessive profits”. In a letter to Jonson Cox, Chairman of water regulator Ofwat, Mr Gove warned concerns about water companies’ behaviour “will only deepen” if dry weather experienced in the autumn results in some firms introducing hosepipe bans […]

UK Coal announces profits despite vast debt

The country’s largest producer of coal has announced profits for the first time in four years, despite still being over £200 million in debt. The company have remained positive and highlighted that they had reduced their total debt by £35m. Jonson Cox, Chairman of UK Coal said the company had a good start to the […]