Jordan gets $25m for solar power plant

A London-based bank is providing a $25 million (£15.4m) loan for the construction of a 20MW solar power plant in Jordan. The project – being developed by SunEdison – is expected to help address the nation’s energy shortages as it imports more than 97% of the energy it consumes. Nandita Parshad, Director for Power and […]

Jordan loan to help “acute” energy shortage

Jordan has bagged a $3 million (£1.8m) loan to tackle its acute energy shortage by improving the efficiency of its water sector. The Middle Eastern nation which stretches along the Dead Sea has a population of 3.18 million (2012) and depends on imports for most of its power. It could meet only 3% of its […]

EBRD’s $100m loan for power plant in Jordan

A $100 million (£61.5m) loan from a London based bank is set to help towards the construction and development of a power plant in Jordan. Located 15km east of the Jordanian capital Amman (pictured), the 240MW Al Manakher plant is expected to help the country address its energy shortages and ensure the security of future […]

Turkey may unplug Syrian electricity as PM denounces Assad

The Turkish Prime Minister has publicly denounced the actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as members of his government have suggested Syria may face sanctions including having their electricity cut off. Tayyip Erdogan told a party meeting: “A future cannot be built on the blood of oppressed people. Otherwise, history will remember such leaders as […]

Jordan ventures into nuclear power

Jordan is venturing into the nuclear power sector and will open its first reactor by 2019. The country’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources announced that it will add 1,000MW to the country’s electricity generation, according to reports. The Jordan Atomic Energy Commission is looking at bids from three firms for the construction of the […]