EDF extends 148.5MW wind energy contract

EDF’s renewable arm has agreed a deal to extend its contract for wind projects totalling 148.5MW. It will maintain and operate the Spearville Wind Project (100.5MW) and Spearville II Wind Project (48MW) in Kansas, both of which features General Electric (GE) turbines. The company operates more than 9.3GW of wind, solar and biomass projects across […]

US opens biofuel facility in Kansas

A facility that is expected to produce up to 25 million gallons of biofuel every year has officially been opened in the US. The Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass of Kansas (ABBK) in Hugoton will also generate up to 21MW of electricity – enough to power itself and provide excess renewable energy to the local community. It […]

Kansas motion to ban all things ‘sustainable’

Kansas may culturally be known as home of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – but some of its lawmakers may not have the same green leaning as the Emerald City. A politician in the US prairie state proposed a bill which would ban the use of public funds to promote “sustainable development”. The bill […]

BP making environmental amends with huge wind farm

BP Wind Energy, the oil giant’s renewable arm, has announced it will build a vast wind farm in the USA, to the tune of $800 million. The 419MW Flat Ridge 2 wind farm will be located on a 66,000-acre site in Kansas and will use 262 wind turbines from GE Energy. The company also announced […]