UK must ‘invest £33bn to start shale gas production’

An estimated £33 billion needs to be invested to bring UK shale wells into production between 2016 and 2032, says a new report. That includes up to 4,000 horizontal wells, around £20.5 billion for hydraulic fracturing – the controversial process of extracting shale gas – and more than £4.1 billion for drilling fluid and water […]

Fracking ‘won’t risk water supplies with strict regulation’

Shale gas extraction will not put pressure on water resources and environmental risks will be minimised, according to the firm that represents the UK’s water industry. Water UK believes the problems associated with fracking “can be mitigated given proper enforcement of the regulatory framework”. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UK […]

Shale gas could be ‘a new North Sea’ for Britain

Shale gas is the future of the UK’s energy industry and could meet more than a third of the nation’s annual gas needs and cut its dependence on imports, according to a new report. The Institute of Directors’ (IoD) ‘Getting shale gas working’ report, sponsored by shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources, claims its development could […]

Shale gas could cut UK’s reliance on imports

The new shale gas field allowance will help the UK cut its reliance on imported gas and could make the nation energy independent. That’s the view of analysts at Inenco, who welcomed George Osborne’s plans to include shale gas as part of Britain’s energy future. The Chancellor said he wants the nation to tap into […]