Minesto generates power with first commercial-grade sea kite

The marine energy firm says the milestone marks the first major step towards full power production

Innovative collaboration ‘to see airborne wind power soar to new heights’

The SkyPower100 project plans to create a kite-based system able to operate automatically and continuously

£25m sea ‘kite’ energy project launched in Wales

A £25 million tidal energy project which works by moving “kites” underwater is being launched in Wales. The so-called “Deep Green” technology will be installed in Holyhead Deep and will have a capacity of 0.5MW. More kites will be added to reach a total capacity of 10MW by 2019 – the equivalent of supplying electricity […]

NASA develops ‘flying’ turbines

Scientists at NASA have sent a man to the moon – now they want to put turbines in the sky too. The US Government researchers are developing a new prototype of sky-high wind turbines, according to reports. The new wind system is expected to be more efficient than land-based turbines. The airborne wind-power systems will […]