DECC helps Mexico with ‘energy calculator’

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has signed a letter of intent to develop Mexico’s 2050 calculator with Spanish technology firm SENER. The 2050 calculator is an online tool, available to the public, which demonstrates the different solutions to energy problems and their trade offs. Users must find a way to meet energy demands […]

Rise in Japan’s emissions due to nuclear shutdowns

Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions rose 3.9% this year up to March compared to the previous year due to a rise in fossil fuel generation. It follows the shutdown of nuclear reactors after the Fukushima disaster last year, which used to provide around 30% of the country’s electricity. According to figures released by the Ministry of […]

India gets clean investment boost

India is to develop its first wind power project under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism. The 1000MW project is to be developed across several states by EKI Energy Services Ltd, India’s first plc working in energy management. The CDM was launched as part of the Kyoto protocol to help fund projects in developing nations even […]

India rejecting Kyoto, despite apparent Chinese willingness

A surprising new move by China toward agreeing to limit emissions could be the key to unlocking a new climate change deal in Durban, despite negativity from India. According to reports from Norton Rose lawyers, China’s position as the world’s largest polluter would force others to follow suit due to political pressures. The law firm […]

Huhne uses Met Office report to warn Durban of inaction

The UK Energy Secretary has used new research from the Met Office to warn the international community of climate change inaction. According to the report from the Hadley Centre a rise in temperature of between three and five degrees Celsius could lead to devastating consequences such as increased pressure on crop production, water stress and […]