Blog: Politicians' energy promises? As meaningful as a karaoke showdown

The post-party conference season’s Annual Karaoke Showdown is in full swing: competition is hotting up. Ed Balls has already done a hip-swinging Elvis rendition of “A little less conversation” and he’s promised to wheel out Greased Lightning so he can bring out his signature hand move from the Commons. Theresa May raised a few eyebrows […]

Shadow Energy Secretary calls on energy efficiency re-vamp

The energy markets will need a good dressing down if the public are expected to regain trust and commit to energy efficient behaviour. These were the words of Shadow Secretary for Energy and Climate Change Meg Hillier MP, speaking at an Energy Networks Association fringe event at the Labour Party Conference yesterday. Mrs Hillier said […]

Nuclear ‘no subsidy’ stance won’t work says academic

Steve Thomas, professor of energy studies at Greenwich University, claims that the coalition government’s policy of offering no subsidies “will either lead to no new nuclear plants being built, or a humiliating climb-down if government wants new nuclear at any cost”. Writing in a special Labour conference edition of Parliament’s weekly magazine The House, Prof […]