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Industry responds to Labour’s energy nationalisation plans

It announced plans to take National Grid into public ownership as well as replace the existing distribution network operators

Thames Water reassures investors regarding possible Labour future

The utility has added a new clause to bonds meaning investors will be able to quickly get their money back if the utility is nationalised

Labour Party commits to 2050 net-zero emissions target

Rebecca Long Bailey MP said the UK must avoid the “severe consequences” of a changing environment

AI ‘will have an impact on 70% of jobs’

A new report suggests robots will replace a fifth of China’s jobs in the manufacturing sector by 2030

Labour: ‘Tory inaction on energy has left households £1,000 worse off’

The Labour Party says households may have paid £526 too much for gas and £431 too much for electricity as a result of not capping prices earlier

Jeremy Corbyn vows energy co-operation post-Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed the Labour Party would make sure the UK remains part of the EU’s internal energy market (IEM) and the Euratom nuclear co-operation treaty after Brexit. In a speech focussed on the country’s future trading relations, the Leader of the Opposition said continued membership of the IEM is essential to the development […]

Greening production ‘will create jobs and growth’

The UN’s labour and employment division says greening production will create jobs and strong, balanced growth. A new report from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) suggests despite fears of job losses in traditional energy industries, the net impact of climate change mitigation upon employment can be positive. The ILO’s review found employment could rise by […]

Is Labour planning to renationalise energy sector?

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is reportedly planning to renationalise parts of the energy industry if his party wins the general election. Leaked drafts of the party’s manifesto promises to “take energy back into public ownership to deliver renewable energy, affordability for consumers and democratic control”. Reports suggest Mr Corbyn would have at least one publicly-owned […]

UK Government seeks to delay publication of air quality plan

The UK Government is seeking to delay publishing its air quality plan until after the general election. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) was ordered by the court to publish its plans for tackling air pollution by 4pm today after its previous proposals were deemed inadequate. However, Defra asked for the date […]

Shadow Energy Minister Alan Whitehead at #EL2016

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister Alan Whitehead will be speaking at the Energy Live 2016 conference in London next month. He was reappointed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn just three months after he resigned from the same role. Mr Whitehead will join Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey, investment expert Andrew Buglass and Mike Huggins […]