NASA to launch new laser to track Earth’s polar ice loss

The new technology will measure the height change of ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica ‘to within the width of a pencil’

Lasers could “save the world”

An audience packed out with hipsters in Shoreditch was told last night that lasers could provide all the energy the world needs, if only scientists could crack the sun’s code. Dr Arthur Turrell of Imperial College London told the crowd: “Lasers prove to be a very important part of the process. They put energy into light in the […]

LASER lights the way to I&C market

The public sector isn’t generally thought of as the most innovative or cost-effective, more a profligate, saggy affair that takes an age to make any decision. LASER Energy Buying Group intends to turn that image on its head.  The energy procurement body based in Kent is launching a new service for the Industrial and Commercial […]