Environment Agency: England could face significant water shortages by 2050

It says three billion litres a day are wasted through leakage, enough to meet the needs of 20 million people

Could leaks mean natural gas is more emissions intensive than coal?

Methane leaks during the extraction of natural gas could make the fuel a larger contributor to global warming than coal generation. That’s according to new research from the Journal of Geophysical Research, which suggests although burning natural gas only produces about half as much carbon dioxide per unit of energy as coal, the methane contained […]

Technology saves water company 1.5m litres a day

A water company is saving 1.5 million litres of leaked water every day by using a specialist technology which automatically adjusts pressure and flow. Veolia Water installed the i2O system, which works by continuously adjusting the pressure in the network so it operates at an optimum level. The readings are sent to their ‘cloud’ server […]