Environmental scientists back DiCaprio’s climate film

  Environmental scientists have praised Leonardo DiCaprio’s new climate change documentary, ‘Before the Flood’. The film calls on the public to strongly consider environmental issues when making decisions in day-to-day life and especially with regards to voting and interacting with political leaders. Following a screening at the London School of Economics (LSE) last Friday, which was attended by students, professors and environmentalists, ELN gauged […]

Obama and DiCaprio speak against climate change

Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio have joined up to call for renewed action on climate change. The US President and the Oscar-winning actor spoke about the issue to crowds on the lawn of the White House yesterday as part of the South by South Lawn festival. They were joined by Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe from Texas Tech University. […]

DiCaprio addresses climate change in Oscar acceptance speech

Leonardo DiCaprio highlighted climate change risks in his acceptance speech at the Oscar ceremony last night. Mr DiCaprio, who won the Best Actor award for ‘The Revenant’, told the audience the issues the production team faced while filming the movie due to global warming. He said: “Making The Revenant was about man’s relationship with the natural world, […]

Leonardo DiCaprio raises £40m for the environment

Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation has raised more than $40 million (£25.6m) to protect the environment. The organisation auctioned different items donated by the actor and other well-known faces such as singer Elton John and Prince Albert II of Monaco. The foundation aims to protect wild places and implement solutions to preserve and save the environment. It works in collaboration with environmental […]

Hollywood stars back clean energy initiative

Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo backed a campaign aimed at boosting clean energy. They helped launch a pop-up event in New York yesterday which was also supported by small business owners, veterans, farmers, educators, artists and community leaders. Mr Ruffalo, Co-founder of the ‘100%’ campaign, said: “Our first priority is to make clean energy more accessible and […]

Leonardo DiCaprio founds electric car racing team

The inception of Hollywood endorsements for electric cars could be here – as film star and environmental campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio has co-founded a team for the Formula E Championship. ‘The Aviator’ actor (left) has set up a team in the racing series with Gildo Pallanca Pastor (right), the founder of pioneering EV manufacturer Venturi Automobiles, […]