Feed-in Tariff scheme to close in April 2019

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme is scheduled for closure in April 2019. The announcement comes after the government’s announcement of a new levy framework being introduced to curb costs on bills and provide certainty to investors. FiTs pay people for creating their own sustainable, clean electricity, with extra payments available when they generate more than […]

Government urged to boost scrutiny of energy bill levies

The UK Government should boost parliamentary scrutiny of how much consumers pay for energy and climate change schemes through levies on their energy bills, MPs have said. The Levy Control Framework (LCF), which was set up in 2011 by DECC and the Treasury, monitors and controls the cost of Westminster energy schemes funding through levies […]

Ministers plan to change levies on bills, not cut them

Ministers plan to change the way the levies on energy bills work, rather than cutting them entirely. Reports from the BBC claim government insiders have said they want the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) introduced earlier this year to be implemented over a longer period – four years instead of two. They also want the Warm […]

Leap of faith as Co-op Energy trims price rise by 2.5%

A 4.5% price increase announced in November will be trimmed down to 2.5%, Co-operative Energy has announced. According to the company the decision is part of its pledge to “provide customers with a fair and transparent deal” and was made in response to the Government’s indication it would remove Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) taxes from […]

Fuel poor are “rationing" energy to pay for green levies

The fuel poor are “rationing” energy  to pay for the green levies on bills, the Chair of the Government’s Fuel Poverty Advisory Group has told ELN. Derek Lickorish said: “It is completely inequitable that costs which should be met by the treasury are being loaded on to bills.” Speaking on the sidelines of the Energy […]