Ex-Energy Minister Ed Davey elected as new leader of Liberal Democrats

The ex-Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change defeated rival candidate Layla Moran by 42,756 votes to 24,564

Election 2019: Liberal Democrat’s energy and climate policies

The party claims to be the only party with a “radical, credible and detailed plan” to tackle the climate emergency as soon as possible

Scottish Lib Dems make U-turn on fracking

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have made a U-turn on fracking with an announcement to campaign for a ban on the controversial technique to extract shale gas. It comes after members voted to lift the current moratorium on fracking at the party’s conference last weekend while supporting a move away from polluting fossil fuels. However it […]

Green energy subsidies ‘spiral out of control’

George Osborne is expected to abolish the green tax target, in Wednesday’s budget as customers face paying £1.5billion more through their bills to subsidise wind farms, solar panels and biomass plants. The cost of subsidising new wind farms is “spiralling out of control”, government sources have privately warned. Officials admitted so-called “green” energy schemes will […]

Lib Dems pledge to insulate 10m homes by 2025

The Liberal Democrats have set out ambitious plans to insulate up to 10 million homes in the next 10 years. The party has announced plans to introduce a new Green Homes Bill to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable heat across the UK in the next Parliament. It has pledged to offer at least £100 […]

Clegg says green levies will stop energy bills rising

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has chipped into the energy debate by suggesting green levies will stop energy bills rising. Ever since Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged to freeze energy prices last month if he wins the next election, the debate over energy prices in the highest ranks of government has become heated. Speaking yesterday […]

Energy department unscathed by reshuffle – but new faces at Defra

The Department of Energy and Climate Change escaped unscathed from Downing Street’s reshuffle yesterday. With the ever-changing line-up of ministers at DECC a common complaint in the energy sector, there will be sighs of relief to see the same team installed. Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s position was fairly secure as a Lib Dem in the […]

Suppliers indignant at Labour’s bills accusation

Energy suppliers have reacted indignantly to Labour’s claim they fail to lower prices for customers when wholesale energy costs drop. Yesterday Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint suggested energy firms run their businesses “in such a complicated way that it’s almost impossible to know what the true cost of energy is. Speaking at Labour’s Manchester conference […]

Energy Secretary has “no time” for green investment sceptics

Energy Secretary Ed Davey said in a speech to the Lib Dem conference he has “no time” for green investment sceptics and claimed the green economy will “put a cushion between the bills people actually pay and world energy prices”. His comments came the day ahead of a Lib Dem conference vote which was overwhelmingly […]

Ofgem ‘delighted’ with Huhne’s tough talk

Ofgem is “delighted” with Chris Huhne’s tough talk on the Big Six. The Energy Secretary announced that the regulator would get new powers to help customers at the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham yesterday. An Ofgem spokesperson said: “We are delighted with the Secretary of State’s commitment to new consumer redress powers for Ofgem. This […]