‘One-in-four adults will not turn on heating this winter’

Almost one-in-three adults with children plan not to turn their heating on, new survey shows

People queuing to get bottled water as taps run dry in Surrey

Thames Water has received fierce criticism over the failure of its welfare services during the heatwave

Turn the taps off Boris!

Prime Minister is urged to set an example to the rest of the country by reducing his water usage

Can energy bills increase before new price cap comes in October?

Customers have been warned they might see their direct debits raised before the new price cap comes into force

Government urged to scrap price cap increase

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has said the government should absorb the £36 billion cost of the expected price cap hike in October

Solar Panels
Council will reportedly reject its own plan to install solar panels in its offices

Medway Council is allegedly planning to refuse its own application due to fears solar panels might harm the historic significance of its building

Government urged to ditch ‘postcode lottery’ for energy bills

Households in different regions are charged nearly £100 more a year for the same amount of gas and electricity, according to a new study

Council criticised for giving green light to new fossil fuel-reliant homes

Nearly 400 new homes will reportedly be dependent on fossil fuels for heating and hot water

Ex-Energy Minister Ed Davey elected as new leader of Liberal Democrats

The ex-Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change defeated rival candidate Layla Moran by 42,756 votes to 24,564

Ofgem asked to help pre-paid customers amidst coronavirus fears

Ed Davey says the energy supply of around four million families dependent on pre-paid electricity could be affected by the pandemic