EU approves Greek measures allowing PPC rivals increased access to electricity

The announcement comes after an investigation found the power utility’s exclusive access to lignite-fired generation gave it an unfair advantage

Who are the five biggest coal producers in the world?

This week, ELN’s Top 5 series looks at the five biggest coal producing countries in the world

EU investigates PPC’s behaviour in Greek wholesale electricity sector

The Commission said it is concerned Public Power Corporation may have restricted competition in the Greek wholesale electricity markets with its bidding

EU approves German scheme to compensate hard coal plants for early closure

The energy regulator will publish seven tenders for the closure of hard coal and small lignite-fired power plants that will take place annually until 2026

RWE boss says Hambach Forest and its tree houses will have to go

The energy giant wants to raze the woodland in Germany to expand its nearby coal mine

Vattenfall sells German lignite assets

Vattenfall has announced it is selling its lignite operations in Germany. Czech energy company EPH and its financial partner PPF Investments are buying the lignite coal mines and associated power plants. Vattenfall said the deal is part of its plans to focus more on renewable energy. The sale is expected to reduce the company’s CO2 […]