New mega-battery factory lands in Switzerland

The facility is expected to be one of the largest operations of its kind in Europe

Siemens backs Swedish start-up’s giant battery factory

Northvolt will become the German engineering firm’s preferred supplier for lithium-ion batteries once the facility is up and running

Could Tesla battery production expand to China?

The CEO of Panasonic said the companies may extend their existing collaboration on energy storage and electric vehicle technologies into Asia

Researchers charge up battery performance

US scientists have found out the capacity and lifespan of lithium batteries can be improved by adjusting the ratio of metals they are made from

UK’s ‘largest battery storage portfolio’ completed

The UK’s ‘largest portfolio’ of utility-scale, enhanced frequency response battery storage sites has been completed. That’s according to developer VLC Energy, which is a joint venture between renewable investment firm Low Carbon and power plant owner VPI Immingham. The 50MW portfolio, which is made up of a 40MW battery park in Kent and a 10MW […]

Tesla’s battery in Oz hops into action

What Tesla claims is the world’s largest lithium ion battery has been switched on in South Australia. The 100MW energy storage facility started providing power on Thursday, a day ahead of its official activation on Friday. This was driven by hot weather driving up usage of air conditioning units, which consume a lot of power. […]

Two UK battery projects to provide 50MW of storage

Two large-scale lithium ion energy storage projects have been announced for the UK. VLC Energy, a joint venture between green investment firm Low Carbon and CHP operator VPI Immingham, will connect 50MW of battery storage to the grid by the end of the year. A 10MW development will be installed in Cleator in Cumbria and […]