DECC proposes new way to measure fuel poverty

The Government today proposed a new way to measure fuel poverty following concerns the current measurement was not properly helping out people at risk. Professor John Hills from the London School of Economics had suggested the Government to change the definition earlier this year as he said it wasn’t fit for purpose. At the moment […]

Academics urge Government to forge China link

Academics and business leaders have called on the UK to establish strong links with China to become a leading low carbon technologies export force. Dr Samuel Fankhauser from the London School of Economics told the Energy and Climate Change Committee there were serious opportunities available with the East Asian superpower. Professor Fankhauser, from the Grantham […]

Energy costs will rise no matter what policy scenario

The costs of energy for business are set to rise no matter what policy or fuel mix we use, according to a new report by the London School of Economics. The Future Report, called “Demanding times for energy in the UK”, looks at four scenarios for the energy market. Report author Dr Sam Fankhauser said […]

Global energy policies could solve international problems, says LSE

Energy policies around the world need to be more unified to prevent threats to security, environmental sustainability and worseing poverty, according to a report from the London School of Economics. The study, published in the journal ‘Global Policy’ suggests more effective international co-ordination of energy policy could offer hope for a better future. In a […]

Scrap lower VAT level for household energy?

Scrapping the lower level VAT rate on household energy would give homeowners more incentive to cut their energy use, claim economics researchers. The Treasury’s VAT on domestic energy is currently at the reduced rate of 5%. A report released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said “the lower VAT rate on household […]

Social policy expert to lead fuel poverty review

The government has today appointed a social policy expert to lead an independent review of the fuel poverty target and definition. Professor John Hills of the London School of Economics has been hired by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne to lead a drive to ensure “people, especially the vulnerable, heat their homes more affordably”. A household […]

Energy a bigger risk for business than health and safety

Businesses rank energy as a greater risk to them than health and safety, credit and security, according to a new white paper. And a key strand of that energy risk is reputation. Dr Samuel Fankhauser of the London School of Economics, which put together the white paper with npower, said: “Reputation, as talked about in […]