UK Government closes fracking legal loophole

The UK Government said it has closed a loophole in legislation concerning fracking projects. Energy Minister Richard Harrington has presented a new direction, which ensures the Oil and Gas Authority consults with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on fracking operations. That means operators who wish to frack in parts of the […]

Chancellor ‘must close delivery truck pollution loophole’

The Chancellor could save £126 million and slash pollution by closing a tax loophole encouraging delivery trucks to use red diesel. That’s according to the Dearman Engine Company, which says an estimated 26,000 cold delivery trucks have two engines – one propelling the truck and the second cooling the storage compartment. While main engines are […]

Chancellor shuts energy giants’ £900m tax loophole

Chancellor George Osborne has closed a tax loophole that allowed energy companies to avoid paying up to £900 million in tax. The Treasury has introduced new legislation that will prevent gas and electricity distribution firms in particular from making new claims for costs dating back decades that have already been paid by their business customers. […]