Health body says coal kills 1,600 Brits every year

Each year air pollution from burning coal leads to the early deaths of 1,600 Brits. That’s according to a new report released by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), which said every 12 months coal-fired plants were responsible for around 360,000 extra sick days and more than a million cases of lower respiratory symptoms in […]

Davey denies “uncertainty” over nuclear

Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday denied there was any uncertainty over plans for new nuclear power and admitted the Government has had some “false starts” with a couple of its carbon cutting policies. The future of nuclear in the UK has appeared to hinge on whether the Government gives suppliers enough financial support in the […]

Blog: Got the fear about our energy future? Join the club

As our bizarre summer finally breaks into heat – the weekend’s mix of sunshine and downpour seems quintessentially British, i.e. totally bonkers – the turning weather has pushed my thoughts onto the next season. Autumn, season of mists – and one of the biggest bits of policy to hit the energy sector in at least […]

Government needs “urgent action” to safeguard UK water

Urgent action is needed from Government to safeguard water quality and availability in the UK, according to a group of Lords, who warn Europe is not doing enough to protect itself against threats to water resources. The warning comes in a new report from the Lords’ Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment Committee published today. In the […]