Consumers ‘must be in the driving seat for the EV revolution’

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce has published a new report outlining the steps it says must be taken by government and industry in order to get EVs onto the UK’s roads

Don’t let economic slump affect our climate, says LSE prof

Although purse belts have tightened in the recession, growth agendas have to include green technologies. These were the words of LSE academic Michael Jacobs, speaking at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership event in London today. Mr Jacobs, of the Grantham Institute which specialises in climate change research said: “The economic downturn clearly has had an […]

Owning an electric car will be cheaper in 15 years

Electric cars could be as cheap to own as conventional cars within 15 years, according to a new study. The difference between conventional and ultra-low carbon family cars is predicted to fall to a tenth, from £5,000 a year to around £500 – £750 by 2030. The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, which spoke with members […]

Minister urges switch on to video conferencing

An easy win for cutting carbon emissions is for businesspeople to turn to video conferencing instead of travelling to meetings. Norman Baker told the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s Annual Conference that he wanted to be “the first transport minister to say, ‘don’t travel’.” Baker, who arrived at the conference in a low carbon bus, told […]

Low carbon car campaign idling in neutral

Cars drivers are either unaware – or don’t care – about the environmental messages being put forward as an incentive to switch to low carbon vehicles. Asked at a London conference if consumers were “on board”, leading transport academic Jillian Anable said they were “not even in the departure lounge”. Anable, senior transport lecturer at […]