NextEnergy Solar Fund gains green accreditation from London Stock Exchange

The Green Economy Accreditation recognises companies and investment funds that derive over 50% of their annual revenues from sustainable products and services

Fiji launches international green bond

It started trading on the London Stock Exchange this morning

Neighbour endorsements best sales tool for solar arrays?

Would you install a solar array because you’ve seen one on your neighbour’s roofs? New research from the London School of Economics (LSE) found households, businesses and farms are more likely to install solar panels if others in the neighbourhood have done so. It suggests neighbour endorsements spur installation as it decreases concerns of solar […]

Carbon pricing ‘can cut EU nations’ deficit’

Spain’s economic woes could be eased with more carbon pricing, according to new research which reckons taxing carbon emissions could do more to cut European countries’ deficits than other taxes like VAT. As Spain and other EU countries are struggling to get a grip on spiralling national debts, the new analysis suggests energy and carbon […]

No nukes, more gas? npower predicts expensive future

A dash for gas, far less nuclear power, China as the world’s biggest economy and £330bn needed to invest in UK energy. That could be what faces us in 2030 according to academics who have written a new report for npower exploring possible energy scenarios. The npower future report predicts three scenarios for 2030; one […]

China gives Greens reason to be optimistic

“It’s easy to be pessimistic.” These were the words of a climate change scientist who admitted measures for reducing global emissions simply aren’t being met. Last year at Cancun no agreement was made by the international community to commit to our climate- and fossil fuels still remain the dominant source of energy. It’s not all […]

Don’t let economic slump affect our climate, says LSE prof

Although purse belts have tightened in the recession, growth agendas have to include green technologies. These were the words of LSE academic Michael Jacobs, speaking at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership event in London today. Mr Jacobs, of the Grantham Institute which specialises in climate change research said: “The economic downturn clearly has had an […]

Fuel poverty measurements are flawed, says Prof

The way we measure fuel poverty is flawed and “unhelpful”, according to an independent report commissioned by the Government. Professor John Hills of the London School of Economics believes efforts to counter fuel poverty with various government policies such as the Warm Front and the Green Deal are hindered and “distorted” by how we measure […]