Nationwide injunction passed to stop protestors blocking roads

The injunction has been granted by National Highways in light of the disruption caused by Insulate Britain

Disgusted mother calls out Insulate Britain protestors blocking M25

The protests continue to take place despite an injunction recently passed allowing for their prosecution

UK Government takes out new injunction against climate activists

Anyone who breaks the injunction, which covers roads and motorways linked to the M25, faces imprisonment or an unlimited fine

Insulate Britain on ELN: “This is not about our ego”

A member of Insulate Britain spoke to ELN about the disruption caused by the group’s actions and the drivers’ anger

Insulate Britain activists block Dover port after M25 chaos

Nearly 40 people have today blocked Europe’s busiest ferry port urging the government to insulate all social housing by 2025

Injunction made against M25 protestors

The demonstrators could now face jail time for their actions after a new injunction was passed last night

M25 Protestors opposed by 60% of Brits

The Insulate Britain protestors have blocked the motorway again for the fifth time in eight days, leading to heavy public criticism

Insulate Britain activists block M25 again

During rush hour today motorway traffic on the M25 was brought to a standstill for a second time this week

Activists block M25 junctions to protest against government’s climate change policy

Major delays were caused by the demonstrations urging the government to insulate every home in Britain by 2025

Shell opens its first UK hydrogen refuelling station

Shell has announced the launch of its first hydrogen refuelling station in the UK. It is located at its Cobham service station on the M25 and has been supplied by ITM Power. It is one of three hydrogen stations Shell plans on opening in the UK this year and a network of 400 sites in […]