European electricity consumption back to pre-pandemic levels

Consumption across Europe soared by 5%, according to a new report

Is Europe still ‘heavily reliant’ on fossil fuels?

In 2020, fossil fuels made up 70% of gross available energy in Europe, according to new report

How is Malta swerving energy prices?

An astute piece of business seven years ago seems to have protected Malta in the energy crisis so far – but what was it?

Poland and Malta referred to EU Court over wastewater failures

It said both the nations failed to comply with the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive

EU ‘surpassed its 2020 renewable energy target’

The share of energy consumed from renewable sources reached 22%, official data shows

Malta paves the way for solar walks

A 40-square-metre solar footpath is forecast to power 40% of a road’s lighting with renewable energy

Google spin-off Malta raises $50m for long duration energy storage system

Its system can provide a daily or weekly load cycle by efficiently storing up to 200 hours of energy storage, though early systems will focus on current market applications in need of 10 to 12-hour durations

Malta, Romania referred to court over alternative fuels infrastructure

The European Commission has referred Malta and Romania to the Court of Justice for failing to notify their national policy frameworks on alternative fuels infrastructure. Member States were required to notify their frameworks to the Commission by 18th November 2016 but the two nations have failed to do so. The frameworks are the main instrument […]

EU approves support for Malta’s gas and power project

Malta’s plans to pay the operator of a power plant for providing electricity to an energy company has been approved by the European Commission. The measure compensates Electrogas “for the additional cost of fulfilling public service obligations”. In June last year, Malta notified plans to support the Delimara Gas and Power Energy Project to the […]

EU approves Luxembourg and Malta’s state aid for renewables

Luxembourg and Malta’s plans to provide state aid for renewable energy projects have been approved by the European Commission. It said the schemes will increase power production from green sources, in line with EU energy objectives, without distorting competition. The Luxembourg scheme introduces premium payments to support operators of wind, solar, biogas, hydropower and biomass […]