Queen’s Speech climate snub is “deeply worrying”

The Queen’s Speech has been dubbed “deeply worrying” by Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party. Today the Queen confirmed the Energy Bill will be set before Parliament soon. DECC said the Bill will be put forward in a draft form within a few weeks and will include the long-awaited Electricity Market Reform. But the […]

Greens mourn loss of ‘fighter’ Huhne

Environmental groups have expressed sadness over the resignation of former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and have praised his work on green issues in the UK. Margaret Ounsley from WWF-UK said: “Chris Huhne understood the very complex issue of climate change, and fought his corner long and hard within the government to ensure that core policies, […]

Greenest government ever?

Green campaigners were left baffled by George Osborne’s Autumn statement today, as he seemingly U-turned on the coalition’s ‘Greenest Government ever’ policy to support UK major energy users. Despite promising money for renewable investment, the Chancellor told Parliament: “We shouldn’t price British business out of the world economy.
If we burden them with endless social and […]