Guest Blog: Mark Loveday – Blackpool’s finest illuminates on trust

Well done Lyn Barnes of Blackpool’s Select Energy Direct. She is this year’s Unsung Hero at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards. One reason we sponsored this award was to shine a light on people in the UK’s energy consultancies who consistently do a good job for their customers. Improving customers’ experience of the energy sector […]

Guest Blog: Mark Loveday – Tick! Checklists help consistently earn customers trust

Airline pilots show how, when consistency really matters, checklists are invaluable. Even with decades of experience flying and thousands of hours in a particular plane, they follow a checklist on each and every landing. There’s no room for “oops I forgot a step”. Same goes for earning customers’ trust. Knowing how much employees contribute to […]

Guest Blog: Mark Loveday – Earning customers’ trust and what it takes to be a hero

Despite what you sometimes read in the papers, there’s a lot of dedication in the business energy market. There are good people who are great at their jobs and continually strive to do right by their customers and their colleagues. That comes through loud and clear reading about the candidates for the Unsung Hero award […]

Mark Loveday invites you to TELCA 2014

Mark Loveday, Director of I&C Business at EDF Energy invites you to TELCA 2014.