“Rip off” energy firms make public angry in new poll

Energy companies have got a drubbing in a new top ten poll of brands which make people angry – with British Gas singled out for the focus of public irritation. The Centrica-owned supplier, which is the largest energy provider in the UK came sixth, after all banks, the supermarket Tesco, fast food chain McDonalds and […]

EvoEnergy awarded Solar Installer of the Year

Solar panel producer EvoEnergy was awarded the “Solar Installer of the Year” at the Renewables Awards this year. Providing for both domestic and commercial, they company were praised for their growth since the company’s inception in 2007. EvoEnergy have helped giants McDonalds reduce carbon footprint by utilizing the roof space of their stores. The solar […]

Middle East McDonald’s are lovin’ biodiesel

Used vegetable oil from McDonald’s outlets in the United Arab Emirates will be used to make biofuel. McDonald’s UAE signed the long term contract with Dubai-based company Neutral Fuels, who will collect the used oil and turn into 100% biodiesel. The biodiesel will power the food chain’s logistics fleet.McDonald’s UAE has 90 restaurants across the […]

Act now, EA urges CRC stragglers

With just over 24 hours left until the deadline for the CRC scheme, the Environment Agency is stressing it is still not too late for companies to take action and avoid late registration fines. So far almost 2,700 organisations have filed details with the EA, with several hundred in the process of registering. But that […]