Iberdrola and Mercedes-Benz sign deal to accelerate EV adoption in Spain

The collaboration aims to lower entry barriers and promote zero emission transport solutions across the country

Mercedes-Benz and Chinese firm team up for second life energy storage systems

The companies aim to set up their first second life energy storage unit in Beijing

Mercedes-Benz targets carbon neutral fleet by 2039

It also aims to ensure hybrids or EVs make up more than 50% of its car sales by 2030

Mercedes-Benz rolls out ‘green’ production plant in Russia

The car production facility uses emission-free electric forklifts and heat recovery technologies

Computer chip
Could quantum computers be the key to efficient EV batteries?

Mercedes-Benz says the tech could help unlock a ‘billion-dollar opportunity’ by enabling better electrochemical performance

Daimler-owned Mercedes-Benz cars
BMW and Daimler team up in €1bn next-gen vehicle venture

The German car giants will work together on developing driverless vehicles, ride-hailing and pay-per-use services

Mercedes Benz EV
Mercedes-Benz turns a corner with new EV battery plant in Poland

The Daimler-owned carmaker aims to invest more than €200m in the facility, which will be built in the town of Jawor

Daimler to buy €20bn of batteries to turn the key on EV rollout

The automaker plans to offer 130 electric and hybrid vehicles by 2022

Mercedes Benz’s first all-electric car gets ready for the showroom

The company plans to release a range of 10 zero emission battery-powered cars by 2022

Mercedes Benz’s domestic storage hits US

Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with a solar energy developer to bring its domestic storage system to the US. The collaboration will be the first time US solar provider Vivint Solar has integrated batteries into its product, which have already been installed at more than 100,000 sites across the country. Mercedes Benz’s modular system can host up […]