Climate change ‘increasing the level of toxic mercury in fish’

New research suggests increasing sea temperatures can increase human exposure to toxic chemicals, through consumption of seafood such as cod, tuna and swordfish

New Zealand charges ahead with first grid-scale battery storage facility

Utility Mercury hopes to gather key learnings around energy storage as the nation transitions towards a sustainable future

Global treaty to cut mercury poisoning comes into force

A global treaty aimed at tackling mercury poisoning has come into force this week. A total of 74 nations have committed to reducing the risks to human health and the environment from the harmful release of mercury under the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Mercury is listed by the UN as one of the top 10 […]

EU ratifies global treaty on cutting exposure to mercury

The European Union has triggered the entry into force of the global treaty aimed at reducing exposure to mercury. It has, along with seven of its Member States – Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden – ratified the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Signed by 128 countries in total, it will now come […]

Global mercury emission cuts ‘will double US economic benefits’

Global action on reducing mercury emissions will lead to twice the economic benefits for the US. That’s according to a new study which compared the benefits of domestic regulation and an international policy to reduce mercury globally. The MIT Energy Initiative researchers found global policy would lead to $339 billion (£223bn) and $104 billion (£68.4bn) in lifetime and […]

China’s chemical industry wins $100m to cut energy use

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $100 million (£64m) loan to help China cut its energy consumption. It will also help phase out mercury use and cut greenhouse gas and toxic emissions in the country’s chemical industry. The funds will be lent through China Construction Bank to industrial plants which are part of […]