Three-quarters of smart meter owners recommend one

The equivalent of 6.3 million people across the UK are happy with their device

Time extended for Brits to test water meters benefits

Nine water companies are offering householders a longer trial period to test the benefits of installing water meters. They are extending the previous one-year trial period given to customers. Millions of households have two years to try the technology and see whether it can help them save money, said the Consumer Council for Water (CCW). […]

Firms could be paying ‘significantly more’ for P272

Businesses are being urged to shop around to find the best deal to comply with the P272 legislation. It is a mandatory industry change that affects more than 100,000 businesses in the UK and is aimed at ensuring accurate billing. The legislation affects those organisations with meters in the 05 to 08 profile class, which […]

Guest Blog: Dave Cockshott – MOPping up the benefits of settlement change

You’ve probably heard rumblings recently about a new ruling called P272. Not a particularly snappy title is it? Well, whilst it may not have been given a very meaningful name, it’s a ruling that will affect around 160,000 business meters and could have some significant cost implications, so it’s important to get to grips with […]

Labour says ‘self-disconnections leave thousands in the cold'

Labour yesterday attacked the Big Six for disconnecting tens of thousands of customers “by the back door”. Representatives of the suppliers however claimed they did not disconnect customers over the winter months while appearing before the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee back in November. But Labour said the release of written responses of the […]

Efficiency tech firm’s revenue doubles

A technology firm which specialises in an energy monitoring device for homes and businesses says its revenue has more than doubled in the last year. Scottish firm Ewgeco announced today revenue has leapt from from £350,000 in 2011/12 to £750,000 at the end of April 2013. The news suggests keeping an eye on energy use […]

E.ON chooses partner for smart meter roll out

Big Six firm E.ON has selected control and monitoring company Elster to partner with for the first phase of its smart metering rollout. E.ON will install up to 100,000 Elster smart meters in residential properties by the end of 2012, with up to 200,000 more being installed in 2013 in a two-year contract. E.ON has […]

British Gas homes drop consumption by 22%

British Gas homes have seen an average 22% decline in gas consumption as more homes adopt energy efficiency measures, according to an independent report. The British Gas Home Energy Report 2011, by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), is the largest ever independent analysis of natural gas use in the home. The research […]