DTE Energy targets 420MW of solar energy by 2022

Its clean energy generation would offset around 4.7m tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions from more than 938,000 cars a year

Michigan switches on its ‘largest’ wind park

The park is part of a project involving four new wind parks that will come online in 2020 and avoid 1.2 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually

Travis Rabenberg's camper
Tesla Model S converted to solar-powered camper van

Author, entrepreneur and world traveller Travis Rabenberg has created the vehicle, which will be unveiled later this month

US coal plant transforms into clean energy hub

The facility in Michigan will provide up to 168MW of power to its business tenants

Michigan opens ‘largest’ solar array in the state

A 1.1MW solar array has been switched on in Michigan. It is said to be the largest of its kind in the state to date. The solar array, installed at Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor Township, is expected to generate enough electricity to power almost 200 homes. The project consists of 4,000 panels – enough to […]

Green project to save US city $2.2m in energy costs

A city in the US is expected to save thousands of dollars every year in energy costs as a result of its new green project. The City of Grand Rapids in Michigan has completed the first phase of its sustainability plans at its wastewater treatment plant. It included upgrading the plant, “mainly focused on energy […]

Powerful presents – give someone energy for Christmas

Gizmos and gadgets could soon be bumped off Christmas lists across the USA – by energy. One utility firm in the States is offering certificates for the “Gift of Energy” in time for the festive season. The gifts are available in amounts of $10, $20, $25 and $50. Consumers Energy, which provides gas and electricity […]