UK bans plastic microbeads

  The UK has today introduced a ban on the manufacture of products containing plastic microbeads. The government says the move is one of “the world’s toughest bans” on the sub-millimetre diameter balls, which are used to improve the appearance and texture of many shower gels, exfoliators and toothpastes. Cosmetics and personal care products will […]

Michael Gove to tackle plastic pollution

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has pledged action to reduce the plastic waste choking the world’s seas. Around eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in oceans every year, posing a serious threat to the wildlife and ecosystems there – experts estimate plastic waste is often eaten by 31 species of marine mammals and more than […]

Government plans to ban microbeads next year

The UK government plans to ban the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products next year. Defra has launched a consultation which sets out its strategy to achieve the goal and seeks views on what more can be done to protect marine environment. Microbeads are small particles of plastic and are used […]