Ofgem drums up support for ‘simpler’ energy market

Tough new standards for energy suppliers to make the market “simpler and fairer” for consumers will come into effect this summer. Energy watchdog Ofgem is counting down to delivering a clearer energy market by capping on tariff numbers provided by suppliers and are calling on for their support. Under the new measures, suppliers will be […]

Investment in energy efficiency will boost UK economy

Investing in energy efficiency is one of the best ways to boost the economy, create more jobs and tackle fuel poverty. That’s according to new research by a consumer group, which claims significant investment from the Government through carbon taxes could generate up to 71,000 jobs and boost GDP by 0.2% by 2015. It could […]

Government calls for emergency energy meeting

The Government has called an emergency meeting between energy suppliers, consumer groups and Ofgem in order to devise a strategy to save consumers money on their energy bills this coming winter. The Energy Secretary wants the group to help raise awareness on energy-saving measures, in particular methods such as cavity insulation, which may be freely […]

Consumer Focus says Ofgem must act on bills

Consumer Focus have responded to E.ON’s announcement of price rises today by saying customers need protecting. With an 18.1% rise for gas and11.4% for electricity, E.ON is the fourth of the big six to announce huge hikes in bills. Mike O’Connor, Chief Executive of Consumer Focus said: “Yet another price rise will leave the average […]

Rising bills ‘heap pressure’ on consumers

Price hikes are heaping pressure on consumers and could add more than £100 to gas bills claims a consumer watchdog, as half of the Big Six has now upped prices.Today Scottish Southern and Energy (SSE) followed the recent example of British Gas and Scottish Power by bumping up their prices, to 18 per cent for […]