Wireless electric bus launches in Milton Keynes

Wirelessly charged electric buses are taking on a rigorous route in the Milton Keynes in their first ever outing in the UK. Eight battery-powered buses will run 17 hours a day, seven days a week, each one covering more 56,000 miles per year. Run by transport operator Arriva, the five year trial begins on 19 […]

Community switching to save £150 on energy bills

Householders in Milton Keynes could save more than £150 on their gas and electricity bills this winter by joining a community energy-switching scheme. They are being invited to join the scheme to form an energy buying group in a bid to negotiate a bulk discount deal from power companies. Milton Keynes Council has joined forces […]

Milton Keynes homes picked for EV energy trial

Eight homes in Milton Keynes have received subsided electric cars (pictured) and had charging points installed as part of an initiative to develop new ways of managing energy use. The latest phase of the ‘Thinking Energy’ trial aims to understand more about when and how electric cars are charged by their owners and to what […]

High Court dismisses council’s windy complaint

The High Court has dismissed Milton Keynes Council’s attempt to restrict where wind farms can be built in the borough. Yesterday it was reported the court ruled the way the council imposed fixed distances for between turbines and dwellings was introduced incorrectly. The court ruled that as the council already has separation distances in existing […]

Wireless all-electric buses in Milton Keynes

A new range of wirelessly-charged electric buses are set to hit the roads in Milton Keynes next summer. Under an agreement signed yesterday, diesel buses on the number seven route will be replaced with eight electric ones. This is expected to cut around 500 tonnes of carbon emissions every year and help save between £12,000-£15,000. […]

Buy solar cells at an IKEA store

Buying solar panels couldn’t get any easier as you will soon be able to purchase them at your nearest IKEA store. The Swedish firm will be stocking the thin-film solar system along with a homeowner service package, which includes a full site survey, installation, fitting and a guarantee. Hanergy Holding Group Limited, a Chinese firm […]

Westminster under fire as Wales gets no electric car charge points

Plaid Cymru has slammed a government decision to leave Wales without a single electric vehicle charging point. This week, Westminster unveiled the regions which have successfully won funding for electric car points: the Midlands; Greater Manchester; East of England; Scotland and Northern Ireland. London, Milton Keynes and the North East of England already have charging […]