Ministers ‘invited NatWest to energy crisis talks’

The government is reportedly exploring rescue plans that would not involve Treasury bailout for struggling energy suppliers

More than 50 countries meet in London to discuss COP26 and tackling climate change

It was the first face-to-face ministerial meeting of its kind in more than 18 months – with ministers discussing how COP26 can be a success and what must be done afterwards to tackle global climate change

Only five councils take advantage of EV funding scheme

  Ministers have called for councils to do more to cut emissions after only five local authorities across the UK took advantage of an electric vehicle (EV) scheme. The On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme, launched in 2016, offers funding for local authorities to buy and install electric car charge points for public use. However, Transport Minister […]

Guest Blog – Nick Turton: BEIS-t thing to come out of a zombie flick summer?

If 28 Days Later did politics, it would look like summer 2016. Brexit, resignations, leadership contests, reshuffles, even the stop-go of Hinkley Point played into the carnage. But with Parliament returning next week, the serious business of government resumes and the rubber of the May administration needs to hit the tarmac. Will it be a […]

EDF and UK "agree" nuclear strike price

ELN has learned the Government has struck a deal with EDF over a strike price for the Hinkley Point nuclear plant at £93/MWh. The long-awaited deal between the French supplier and the UK over a third power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset (artist’s impression, pictured) has been delayed for months. When Energy Secretary Ed Davey […]

Scotland urges UK Government to confirm wind support

Scotland has announced its support for onshore wind projects and has urged the UK Government to do the same. First Minister Alex Salmond sent a letter to the UK’s Energy Secretary Ed Davey and said the Scottish Government will provide support for onshore wind generation at a level of 0.9 of a ROC, rather than […]

‘Urgent’ decisions needed for renewables industry

The UK Government urgently needs to make up its mind about its support for the renewables industry, according to trade bodies. The comment comes after DECC announced it is still discussing and finalising the proposals on financial support for the sector as Ministers failed to come to an agreement yesterday. Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive of […]

Time to act is now say Ministers

ELN reports from day one of the Clean Energy Ministerial where politicans say they need to act now to get clean energy policies in place for the future