California’s computers to go green

California will soon become the first US State to introduce energy efficiency standards for computers. It is hoped energy consumption will be reduced by a third, cutting carbon emissions and saving consumers around $373 million (£300.57m) by 2027. Computers in California currently account for up to 3% of residential and 7% of commercial energy usage, reaching almost 5,610GWh of electricity each year. Desktops are four times more power-intensive […]

Use 20% less energy with energy monitor

A new energy monitor, designed by a desperate to save housewife, has shown researchers that consumers can cut their energy costs by 20% through affecting behavioural change. The Ewgeco monitor has a traffic light display which highlights real-time low, medium or high energy usage and works with ordinary utility meters to provide households with information […]

New government plans to lead from the front on CO2

David Cameron’s committed his government to cut its own carbon emissions by 10% in the next year. The new Prime Minister has set the most ambitious target ever for Whitehall and its staff in a bid to ensure he is seen as leading from the front when it comes to green issues. Apart from the […]